Album Review: The Kooks – Listen

British band, The Kooks, released their 4th studio album on September 8th and damn is it worth listening to.

‘Reinvention. Smash the mould. Feel alive. You know? I didn’t think we could’ve carried on just doing what we were doing. It was boring’ 


If you were expecting a predictable ‘indie’ record then you are totally wrong. This album is the definition of feel good and funky. The Kooks have took a completely different turn on this album and after seeing them perform some new tracks live, you can feel the band’s energy and comfort up on stage.

A choir to start off the album instantly lets you know The Kooks have produced an album that is full of ideas.

Luke’s voice in West Side and Forgive and Forget will make you feel exactly how you did when you first heard Inside In/Inside Out. The songs are catchy and fun and genius.

The rawness of See Me Now hits you right in the chest and you can feel Luke’s emotion throughout the song.

The first single, Down, is as funky as you’ll get. ‘Down down diggy de diggy down down’ will be stuck in your head for days and that’s what The Kooks do best – produce songs that will stay with you for years. It may be nothing like Naive or She Moves In Her Own Way but it is just as good and they should be applauded for making such a fun song.

It’s songs like Are We Electric and Sweet Emotion that make you question the album. And while they are not my favourite tracks, after a few listens you fall in love with them just like you do the whole album. They may have lost the typical indie, guitar songs but the unique voice of Luke Pritchard is still there and the band are still going strong.


Thank you to Luke, Hugh, Pete and Alexis for an absolute belter of an album!

Listen to: West Side and See Me Now

Buy it here


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