Album Review: Mallory Knox – Asymmetry

Mallory Knox are a five piece rock band from Cambridge. Their debut album Signals came out early last year and the songs quickly became radio and festival favourites. After seeing a lot of success with Signals, Mallory Knox have finally released a follow up to one of the best British Rock debut albums in recent years.


As I am such a big fan of Mallory Knox I was nervous to hear the new songs but definitely not disappointed. The first song heard was QOD II which was so fresh but still had that Mallory Knox sound. The first single released was Ghost In The Mirror – the intro grips you right in and as soon as Mikey starts singing you want to sing along even though you don’t know the words the song/tune is just so catchy you can’t help but attempt to sing along the first time you hear it.

The second single, Shout At The Moon, is equally as good. Similar to Resuscitate, the chorus of this song has Mikey singing with Sam doing the backing vocals which is nice to hear as it adds extra depth to such a lyrically right song.

The stand out track is definitely She Took Him To The Lake. The long ballad is not like anything they’ve done before, it’s a lot more intense and really shows how far they’ve come as a band – musically and lyrically.

Heart and Desire and Dare You were meant for live shows. You can just imagine the crowd screaming this back and it’s what Mallory Knox do best which is create crowd pleasing songs.

Asymmetry has songs that will make the crowd go at festivals but also songs that will make you curl up on the floor and cry your heart out and both are reasons to listen to this album and fall in love with this band. With such a strong fan base and down to earth members, it’s impossible to dislike this band.

Listen to: Fire, Heart and Desire and SheTook Him To The Lake

Get the album here

See them on tour next month with Frank Iero, Fort Hope and Moose Blood.


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