Nostalgic Songs

I had the best music taste when I was younger – pure pop. I was the biggest S Club 7 fan and seeing them live back in like ’02 was by far the best day of my life and the start of my music fangirl life. I wasn’t just into the cheesy pop, I loved R&B. Artists such as Nelly and 50 Cent and Usher and R Kelly were the soundtrack to my childhood and I can still sing all songs perfectly which I’m not even embarrassed about.

These are just a few songs that make me feel 6 years old again.

S Club 7 – The whole discography

Blue – You Make Me Wanna – (Duncan James was the first love of my life and finally seeing Blue live last year made my life and I actually nearly fainted when I caught Simon Webbe’s sweaty towel)

R Kelly – Ignition (‘Gimme a toot toot, lemme give you that beep beep…’ I have not yet come across anyone who does not know/live for this song. Everything about this song is wrong but so darn good)

Sean Paul – Get Busy

Shaggy – It Wasn’t Me (Absolute classic)

3 of a Kind – Babycakes

Boyzone – Picture of You

Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way

Spice Girls – Wannabe

Westlife – Whole discography (Who didn’t cry when Westlife announced they were splitting up? Westlife are always relevant and you will feel darn good when you’re singing Uptown Girl on that karaoke machine. Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad for liking Westlife. Ever.)

Nelly – Dilemma & My Place

Usher – Burn

I could literally go on forever but I’d love to know what some of childhood soundtrack songs are so leave a comment 🙂


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