Best Of – The Kooks

First of, I want apologize for my lack of posts this past week I’ve just been super busy!

As I’m seeing The Kooks this Saturday I thought I’d make a Best Of playlist for them featuring my top 5 favourite songs by them.

5. Forgive and Forget (Listen, 2014) Choosing a favourite track from their latest album was very difficult but I chose this one because it sounds exactly the same live as it does on the album and the atmosphere is live when it’s performed. The way Luke sings ‘you give it away so EASYYYY BABYYY’ makes you feel like you’re listening to a jazz record and you really do ‘move with the music’ when this song comes on

4. Time Above the Earth (Junk of the Heart, 2011) This is such a chill out  mellow tune but actually gets you thinking and is a gets a lot deeper every time you listen to it. Even though it’s in my top 5 I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourite songs but there’s something different and unique about it which I love

3. Shine On (Konk, 2008) Easily one of my favourite Kooks tracks. This song is filled with classic one liners such as ‘about your hair you needn’t care you look beautiful all of the time’ and the video is absolutely adorable (make sure you check it out!). This really is The Kooks at their ‘indie’ best, the classic tune, simple lyrics and husky voice all make this song a Kooks classic. I just hate that they never play this live anymore!!

2. See The Sun (Konk, 2008) The slow intro really grips you in to this song and then when it gets going you are hooked! The catchy lyrics and build up to the chorus makes this song sounds great live! Howeverrr, as perfect as this song is, and I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s like I’m always waiting for something to happen – there’s a huge build up during the song but there’s nothing really there and that’s what this song is missing but also what makes this song so great.

1. She Moves in Her Own Way (Inside In/Inside Out, 2006) Well, well, well. The song that started it all of for me. I was about 10/11 when I first heard this song along and I was hooked – not only on the song but on the band. A lot of people class Naive as ‘The Kooks” song but to me it will always be She Moves in Her Own Way. The first guitar chords make my heart race and give me goosebumps and make me smile like no other song or guitar chord ever will. It’s the ultimate feel good song and by far my favourite Kooks song.


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