Favourite British Bands

The Kooks (indie/brit-pop) – You can probably already tell that I am a huge Kooks fan. These guys were pretty popular back in 2006 when their first album came out. Naive was played everywhere and everyone knew it and everyone does still know it but they no longer know the band. The Kooks have changed drastically since Inside In/Inside Out and not everyone likes change and because of that they have lost their popularity but that doesn’t worry the band as they have a loyal fan base and actually make music for themselves and don’t make music to impress anybody else. Luke Pritchard has a very unique voice and their early songs have a classic British sound with the catchy lyrics and simple guitar chords. 

Mallory Knox (alternative) – You probably know I am a huge Mallory Knox fan as well! Mallory Knox have a heavy sound but soft vocals from Mikey Chapman make them a pleasure to listen to. All their songs have a distinctive sound which set them apart from other bands and their live shows are full of energy and are definitely one to watch.

Moose Blood (pop-punk) – I hate the term pop-punk because I never really know what it is. To me, pop-punk was always bands like Good Charlotte, Blink-182, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day etc. But now the term pop-punk is given to the likes of The Story So Far, The American Scene, Modern Baseball, Neck Deep, Real Friends, Man Overboard etc. and personally I think they are a different type of genre altogether but hey, what do I know. Moose Blood are very much like a British amateur pop-punk band. The release of their debut album showed that they have the ability to be as popular as bands such as The Story So Far. It sounds as though they are still finding their feet but they are doing it well! The raw vocals and lyrics really set them apart from other bands I listen to.

Swim Deep (indie) – The best band to have come out from Birmingham ever (Sorry Black Sabbath). Swim Deep offer a fresh, different sound and they really don’t sound like any other band. ‘Where the Heaven Are we’ was a great first album and the songs sound airy and free. Their stand out lyric ‘don’t just dream in your sleep, it’s just lazy’ really sums up the how simple yet effective this band’s music is. With hints of 90’s sound, Swim Deep are really going to produce some great music in the future.

Twin Atlantic (alternative) – Similar to Biffy Clyro, Twin Atlantic are not afraid to show off their Scottish accents. Singer, Sam McTrusty really projects his accent in his songs which makes them so fun to sing along to but also add texture to the songs. After recently releasing their third album, Twin Atlantic are gaining a huge fan base and have toured with great bands such as Blink-182, My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds To Mars. Their single ‘Free’ was used in the coverage of the Space Jump in 2012. They have become festival favourites and they really know how to put on a great show with crowd classics such as Free, Crash Land and Heart & Soul. Twin Atlantic are already a popular band but they are certainly destined for bigger and better things in their future.

Other British bands to check out;

– Young Guns

– The Vaccines

– Decade

– Drenge

– Arcane Roots

– Fort Hope

– Catfish & The Bottlemen

– Blitz Kids


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