Best Songs of 2014

What a bloody good year for music!! The return/new music from some of my favourite bands and the eruption of artists I wish I’d knew last year made this year great .

These are my top 10 songs of the year

10.Carl Barat & The Jackals – Glory Days

9. Saint Raymond – Fall At Your Feet

8. Front Porch Step – Drown

7. Foster The People – Coming Of Age

6. Moose Blood – Swim Down

5. Twin Atlantic – Heart and Soul

4. Mallory Knox – Ghost in the Mirror

3. Hozier – Take Me To Church. What the hell is this song on about??? I honestly haven’t got a clue but I do know that it is an absolute classic with depth and emotion and Hozier is definitely onto bigger and better things in the next year.

2. The Kooks – Forgive and Forget. THE KOOKS ARE BACK AND AS GREAT AS EVER!! As my favourite band I’m obviously gonna be really excited for their new music but the new fresh sound was the thing we all didn’t know we needed.

1. George Ezra – Budapest. The question is, who HASN’T heard this song? Without a doubt this is the anthem of the year, the 21 year old singer-songwriter has his Number 1 Single played everywhere throughout the year and the song is timeless. It’s definitely a song you can listen to on repeat for hours on end. If you’ve been living on another planter and haven’t heard it, make sure you check it out!


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