The Vaccines – English Graffiti Review

The Vaccines released their first single ‘Handsome’ from the album a few months ago and I was absolutely ecstatic because I have such a deep love for this band and their recent EP Melody Calling was a bit of a let down and I was scared the new album would be similar but no, Handsome was very Vaccines. The fun lyrics combined with the coolness makes it all sound very familiar which is what we’ve been waiting for since Coming Of Age.

However, their single Dream Lover was not appealling to me in the slightest (and I think the video threw me off even more) but after listening to the album in full it fits in so well and the dark sounding song is quickly becoming one of my favourites on the album.

Minimal Affection was also released as a single and is the most Melody Calling sounding track on the album so it’s safe to say it’s not my favourite but it really does fit in with the futuristic sound the album has.

20/20 is probably my favourite track on the album. It’s fun, catchy, upbeat and sounds like summer and I think this track is what The Vaccines are all about.

There are some tracks in the album that are far too easy to skip through but then a song like Denial (an essential track at an underground 80’s disco) will come up and just as you’re about to skip it the song kicks in. The Vaccines are guilty of starting a song with a boring verse but then they put in a catchy melody in the chorus and it makes you almost feel bad for finding it boring at the start.

The start of Want You So Bad is very Justin Young meets Arctic Monkeys. It’s almost so bad it’s so good?!

The whole album is fresh and you can see they’ve moved on from previous releases but also kept their original sound.
Make sure you check out the album and see them on tour later this year


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