Best Songs of 2014

What a bloody good year for music!! The return/new music from some of my favourite bands and the eruption of artists I wish I’d knew last year made this year great . These are my top 10 songs of the year Advertisements

Songs For When You’re Not Feeling Good Enough

– As I’ve been getting a lot of attention on this post, I thought I’d make a spotify playlist of the songs mentioned (and add more to it) so here it is   A lot of us have bad days and we all have different reasons for our bad day; heartbreak/low self esteem/bullying/social problems/family problems etc … More Songs For When You’re Not Feeling Good Enough

Favourite British Bands

The Kooks (indie/brit-pop) – You can probably already tell that I am a huge Kooks fan. These guys were pretty popular back in 2006 when their first album came out. Naive was played everywhere and everyone knew it and everyone does still know it but they no longer know the band. The Kooks have changed drastically since Inside In/Inside Out and not … More Favourite British Bands

Best Of – The Kooks

First of, I want apologize for my lack of posts this past week I’ve just been super busy! As I’m seeing The Kooks this Saturday I thought I’d make a Best Of playlist for them featuring my top 5 favourite songs by them.

Nostalgic Songs

I had the best music taste when I was younger – pure pop. I was the biggest S Club 7 fan and seeing them live back in like ’02 was by far the best day of my life and the start of my music fangirl life. I wasn’t just into the cheesy pop, I loved R&B. Artists such as … More Nostalgic Songs